Monday, 30 September 2013


After the fine summer that we’ve had the season has been slowly slipping away over the past weeks. This morning I was awakened by a distinctive cool breeze blowing in through my open window. The cold breath of early dawn caressing my face as my head lay exposed outside the warm covers.

When I left the house I became instantly aware that the trees were a blaze of Autumnal glory. It was as if the leaves had changed from their varying shades of green to the rich golden colours of autumn overnight. A strong wind was blowing and the trees swayed back and forth in time with the rise and fall of each gust. With each surge of invisible atmospheric energy these swaying giants lost their seasonal grip on their dead and dying leaves and the cycle of life moves into another stage.

Carried through the air like confetti, thousands of leaves drifted on the wind before gently coming to rest on the ground. Walking to school in warm coats, children dragged their feet through the deep beds of crisp dry leaves, kicking and throwing them into the air, where they were carried on currents of air as the wind once again whipped up and lifted them high above the their heads in ever increasing spirals.

As a noisy flock of Canada Geese flew overhead in tight formation, heading in search of winter pastures, I sat for a while and watched a squirrel collecting its harvest high in a tree. At regular intervals it would dash down to ground level and scurry into the undergrowth out of sight. Returning empty handed, it was clear that it was busy stocking its winter larder.

Autumn is a magical time of year, when I most enjoy walking in the woods. I love the rich vibrant colours and the sounds of crisp golden leaves crunching underfoot. The freshness of the cooler mornings is a reminder that the chill of winter is on the horizon.

Follow the link below for the Forestry Commissions top 10 list of forests to visit in autumn.


The Autumn Gallery has a selection of beautiful photographs that you can download for free and use as screensavers or simply printout to keep.



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