Thursday, 24 October 2013

A report from the Saddleworth Owl's

Nine Owls took flight tonight on what was a very pleasant and warm evening. Setting out from the Castleshaw Outdoor Education Centre we made our way along a narrow, sunken track which, after the recent d...eluge of rain, was more like a stream than a footpath. This ancient highway is aptly called, Waters Lane.

Upon reaching Huddersfield Road, we turned left and passed the Saddleworth Hotel on route to Bleak Hey Nook, where we had to stop and remove some layers as we began to feel the effects of such a warm, still night. Following the Standedge Trail we climbed onto Millstone Edge, via Rock Farm B & B. As we attained the trig point a wonderful vista unfolded, and to the East a large orange moon hung high in the clear sky above the twinkling lights of Huddersfield.

Moving on, we skipped from rock to rock as we traversed the gritstone edge. Our head-torches penetrating the darkness and illuminating the way, as a welcome breeze drifted up from the Castleshaw Valley, below.

Following the Oldham Way we crossed Castleshaw Moor, Hind Hill and then the upper slopes of Dowry Castle Hill. With our feet now truly wet and with legs caked in ivory black peat we found firmer ground as we headed along Moor Lane to the four lane ends junction, beyond Broadhead Noddle. Turning south-east we made for lower ground along Low Gate Lane and once again soon felt the effects of the balmy night as we left the cooling breeze upon the higher slopes of the valley rim.

Crossing the dam wall, between the upper and lower reservoirs, the Harvest Moon sat proudly just above the dark skyline of Millstone Edge, casting its bright lunar rays across the still waters of the upper reservoir. Content with the evenings run we skirted below the ancient Roman Fort, along Dirty Lane, to return to our cars for the short drive back to the nest, for a couple of pints with the rest of the club.


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